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07 July 2006 @ 08:44 pm
gonna see pirates of the caribbean in a bit w/ shannon♥
05 July 2006 @ 08:34 pm
today me and shannon and malik and pamela went to the mall and umm
we played ddr and pamela bought a shirt and malik bought a shirt
and uhhh
we had chicken teriyaki and i ate a lot lol D:
its hard playing ddr on metal dance pads it made my legs hurt

andd then i had marching band practice
and we're playing "late in the evening" by paul simon
"get on your feet"
and "jump in the line (shake senora)" which is the song thats from beetle juice idk

we practiced for like 1 3/4 hours on jump in the line
its annoying getting called "puppies" lol
i didnt really talk to anyone older than me but they seem nice anyway i guess

ummmmm oh and tonight shannons sleeping over and its gonna be fun♥♥♥
04 July 2006 @ 08:11 pm
party@shannon's house today
be there or be square
04 July 2006 @ 04:41 pm
i need a new aim sn mine sucks

also i forgot how to draw
04 July 2006 @ 01:39 am
ok so i got backfrom the city at like10:30 and i walked sooomuch
i went to macys (the big giant one) andd
that place is so cool theres like 7 floors
and i got really good "homemade icecream" whatever that means
and there were really nice coach shoes for like 100 bucks
and there wwere these other cute for only like

ummm oh yeah and today is the 4th of julyy
my stomach hurts lol

uhhh so then we went to chinatown
and i got 2 good luck charms for shannon and malik

then we ate at this place and we got like 6 or 7 dishes there was sooo much food
but it was good

and amber told me that she went to this like
modeling place or something
&yea idk

umm and my dad made the car really cold and i didnt have a sweater or anything so i couldnt sleep in the car and i was freezing and when i said i was cold he said ok and that he was going to turn off the ac but he didnt because the temperatre didnt change it was really annoying :C

also on wednesday i have marching band practice and i really dont wanna go

malik is going to japan on thursday and he said he's going to get me something so yea im excited because ive always wanted to go to japan and shop in harajuku and tokyo
he said he might not go to harakuju tho but w/e
he was like "when i go to japan when im 18 im bringing you with me" haha
gfgadlsfjd i wish i could go

umm i might go to the mall on wednesday w/ shannon and malik and yesha but we havent really made good plans yet and i havent caught yesha online in a bit so yeahhh D: i wanna go before malik leaves because hes staying for 6 days he said and thats a long timeee
but idk yesha might not be able to go because i think jugal is still there and he never lets her hang out w/ anyone while he's there D:

uhh also my auntie julie got me a cute gucci keychain for graduation lol
i need some keys though D: my dad said hes going to get me keys to the house but umm
he never did lol

i wanna get a job but i cant im only fffff 13 D:
next year when im 14 since i can only work at like
mcdonalds or something at that age
i wanna work at the baskinin robins or w/e or something :C
idk i want moneyyy i want clothessss fASDFDFSJK

also my back hurts